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Airschool, Pakistan’s First Online School, Launches Exclusive Live Courses

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Airschool takes the first step towards online education in Pakistan by announcing live online courses on various subjects. These courses are conducted by some of the leading experts with relevant experience and credibility in the respective fields.

Online education is the need of the time but more so now because COVID-19 has halted offline education and remote online learning is the only way to move forward. Also, teachers across the country have lost their jobs because of this pandemic and are forced to find other means of income.

Under these circumstances, Airchool comes as a breath of fresh air by allowing the teachers to teach online and gain access to students locally and internationally. Driven by the belief to democratize access to education, Airschool is onboarding the best experts who are offering live courses at affordable rates.

Outcome-based education is what the world really needs right now. Airschool as a live-streaming platform is focussed on active and interactive learning. The live courses and classes bring people together at the same platform, at the same time and immerses them in the experience so they feel included and motivated to tune in every day.

Some of the current courses announced including Facebook Marketing, Freelancing, Calculus, Programming, Ecommerce, IELTs, etc. All of these courses are available at affordable prices. Students join these courses for the content but stay for the community of Airschool.

Each course batch has a diverse audience participation from Pakistan and across the world which becomes a breeding ground for students to learn, network and engage not only with the instructor but other students as well. The courses are conducted in a mixed language of Urdu and English.

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For further information, you can visit our website https://airschool.com/ and follow us on our social media pages.


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