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Actors Salma Zafar, Sherry Shah Accuse Javeria And Saud Of Fraud, Mistreatment

After veteran actor Salma Zafar, another actor Sherry Shah has accused JJS productions owned by Saud Qasmi and her wife Javeria Saud of ‘fraud’ and ‘mistreatment’.

In a live session on Instagram, Salma had alleged that JJS productions has not paid her and many others who worked in dramas Yeh Kesi Muhabbat and Yeh Zindagi. She claimed that the production house owes her about Rs10 million alone. She also said that Javeria and Saud have not paid other staffers as well and they treat them ‘badly’.

“When I messaged Javeria to inquire about my due payments, she immediately blocked me. My hands are tied because I don’t have anything to prove my claims but I know how to fight physically and legally,” the veteran actor said, adding that she had slapped Saud before.

Meanwhile, Javeria Saud has denied the allegations of Salma, inquiring as to why she worked with JJS productions for seven years if she wasn’t getting paid for her work.

She said that her productions house cleared the payment of the veteran actor long ago. “Recently Salma insisted me to invest in a business plan, upon my rejection, she got very angry. A few days later she accused me of fraud.”

Following the allegation of Salma, another actor Sherry Shah has also come forward with the similar accusations against JJS productions.

She posted a video on social media saying, “I saw Salma Zafar’s video and I can completely understand her pain because I passed through the same turmoil.” The actor said that she had been a part of JJS Production’s projects for many years. “I have done two projects: a soap Yeh Zindagi Hai and a soap serial Ye Kesi Muhabbat Hai.”

Sherry Shah claimed that out of her total pending payment of Rs1 crore, JJS productions has only paid her some lakhs until now.

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  1. Mohammad Baig July 27, 2020

    It needs more investigation to ensure the looted and the hurt people of their rights and the tricky games of so called media loved be exposed and the complainants be heard and counted.


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