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Activist Ammar Jan To Take Legal Action Against Haroon-ur-Rasheed For Calling Him Foreign Agent

Political activist and academic Ammar Ali Jan has announced that he will take legal action against analyst Haroon-ur-Rasheed for calling him foreign agent working for CIA, NDS, RAW, and PTM.

Haroon-ur-Rasheed, during a current affairs program on 92 News, accused Physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy of working “against the interests of state since 1985”. He said that the professor has given several statements against the nuclear program of Pakistan, but didn’t even utter a word against India’s nuclear weapons.

While talking about Ammar Ali Jan, Haroon said: “He is working for PTM which is funded and supported by America’s CIA, India’s RAW, and Afghanistan’s NDS. The administration of FCCU rightly fired him because the students and teachers of the university protested against his ‘ant-national’ activities.”

Ammar took to social media to respond to the severe allegations of the analyst. “One can ignore these words as ramblings of a madman but such delusional thinking is shared by those who run this place. Paranoid people are pushing our society deeper into the abyss. Every thinking person will be declared a traitor handled by fictive enemies. Eventually, we will be left with nothing but unthinking zombies who only know how to obey a failing system,” he said in a Facebook post.

He added, “We will take legal action against Haroon Rasheed sb for his vile slander. It’s time to teach these cowardly ‘analysts’ a lesson so that they stop ruining lives by baseless allegations and petty blackmail.”

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