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100 Get Coronavirus After Attending Man’s Wedding, Funeral In India

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As many as 100 people have tested positive for the deadly coronavirus in India after attending the wedding and funeral of the groom, who reportedly tied the knot while having the symptoms of the virus.

International news agency AFP reported that in India’s Bihar state, a 26-year-old groom had symptoms of the fatal virus when he got married on June 15. He died two days later. “So far, 100 people who either attended the wedding or the funeral have tested positive,” said Raj Kishor Chaudhary, chief medical officer in Patna, the state capital. He added that around 400 people who attended the wedding or funeral were isolated.

However, the doctors are not certain about the source of the infection as the groom was cremated before the tests could be carried out.

The groom was a software engineer who returned home from near New Delhi only a week before the wedding. He had shown symptoms before the nuptials, after which he was briefly admitted to hospital, but his family had him discharged and hosted the wedding with over 300 guests.

He died at his home two days later, with nearly 200 people attending the funeral. Some had attended both. Interestingly, none of the groom’s close relatives — including his bride — tested positive for the virus, the officials said.


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  1. Satish Kumar Pandit July 5, 2020

    World must unite against China and ensure that activities of China are restricted to mainland China only.
    Democracy should get established and areas held by China against wishes of local people should be got freed


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