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Veteran Actor Rubina Ashraf Contracts Coronavirus, Goes Into Isolation

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Seasoned actor Rubina Ashraf has gone into self-isolation after testing positive for the deadly coronavirus on Wednesday.

According to a news report published in DAWN’s online publication Images, the veteran actor was experiencing some of the symptoms of Covid-19 after which she tested positive for the virus. “Rubina Ashraf confirmed the news and that she’s doing not too good,” the website reported.

The actor is now in self-isolation and her family will get tested as well. Rubina Ashraf is the latest Pakistani celebrity to be diagnosed with the virus, with Abrar ul Haq, Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz and Naveed Raza being a few names who contracted it recently.

Meanwhile, another veteran actor Bushra Ansari lashed out at Pakistanis for treating the fatal coronavirus as a ‘joke’. The actor said that she can’t return to Pakistan because people here aren’t taking the pandemic seriously.


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