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Unrest In US As Protests Against George Floyd’s Death Spread Across Country

  • 13

Thousands are on the streets in the US as protests against the death of a black man George Floyd, 46, at the hands of a white policeman in Minneapolis, Minnesota; enter the sixth day.

While people across the world have joined the protesters in the USA calling for an end to police brutality and racism, the situation in America is fast becoming unmanageable.

The US reserve military force – National Guard – has already been deployed in over 15 states to control the situation which has turned extremely riotous. Videos coming on social media show buildings and cars, including police cars, on fire, and faceoffs between protesters and law enforcement personnel. Vandalism, arson and looting are taking place across states.

In some cities, like New York, some of the police have shown solidarity with the protestors. But in others the blatant disregard of citizens, especially black citizens, can clearly be seen.

There has also already been a death of a protestor following a confrontation with the police in Kentucky on Monday (today).

Amid all of the chaos, US President Donald Trump is resorting to Twitter to express his anger and issue threats to the protesting masses. So far, no attempt at talking or negotiating between the top leadership and the outraged masses has come to the fore. Trump’s lack of concern has not stopped protestors from gathering at the Lafayette Park in Washington DC, directly opposite the White House, even leading Trump to take refuge in the White House “bunker” briefly on Friday.

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Pictures of graffiti from the area surrounding the White House give an idea about the protestors’ rage and the state of helplessness that the state authorities are facing.

The protest has spread to more than 140 cities of the USA already, with no visible signs of ending soon. Meanwhile, communities from across the world – from Europe to Africa to Australia to Asia – are standing up in solidarity with protestors and Black Lives Matter movement in America, placing America under great pressure to live up to the ideals of human rights and justice it has espoused for a hundred years.


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