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South Waziristan Martial Arts Player Makes It To Guinness World Records

Muhammad Irfran Mehsood, a martial arts player from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP)’s South Waziristan has registered his name in the 31th Guinness Book of World Records for doing 60 push-ups in one minute with one leg raised while carrying a 40-lb pack.

Mehsood achieved this milestone on April 11 in Dera Ismail Khan. He broke the previous record of 53 push-ups that was made by an American martial arts player. The record holder was informed by the management of Guinness World Records via an email on April 11, 2020.

KP’s martial arts player belonged to Ladha Tehsil of South Waziristan. Mehsood has many other records on his name, including the most jumping jacks in one minute carrying an 80 lb pack, most knuckle push-ups carrying 60 lb pack in one minute, most side lunges in a minute, most push-ups on fingertips and carrying a 60-lb pack in one minute, and most push-ups with one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb pack in one minute.

Mehsood, when contacted, expressed a desire to make at least 50 world records for Pakistan. While talking about local talent, he said: “The local talent of South Waziristan has a lot of potential and the youth is motivated to represent the Pakistan internationally. However, lack of facilities and resources have barred them from doing so,” adding that the sportsmen have no proper facility for training. He appealed to the government officials to support them so that the tribal men can earn a good name for the country.

Mehsood also holds the record for most side lunges in one minute with 54 lunges in total. The other records he broke included most full-contact knee strikes 87 in one minute using one leg; most full contact knee strikes 83 in one minute (alternate legs); most push-ups (one leg raised, carrying a 40-lb pack) 31 in one minute; most push-ups (one leg raised and carrying an 80-lb pack) 21 in one minute; most knuckle push-ups 25 (with one leg raised, carrying a 40-lb pack) in one minute; most thumb push-ups 35 in one minute; and most Bo staff strikes (261) in one minute.

Earlier, he broke the world record of an Indian martial arts player Ashwani Kumar Singh, while making a new record of 48 push-ups with a 60kg bag on his back and one leg raised.

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