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Slain Child Domestic Worker’s Torture Was Filmed By Employers

The employers of slain 7-years-old housemaid who was beaten to death on Monday, used to frequently torture their maid. The recordings of torture have been found in their personal mobile phones.

The Express Tribune reported that Rawalpindi’s police officials, who had obtained a four-day physical remand of the suspects as they probe the case, said on Thursday that they have managed to obtain access to the cellular devices of late , Zahra bibi’s employers, Hasan Siddiqui and his wife Umme Kulsoom. They added that they recovered some videos from the devices which showed the minor was being tortured.

Officers added that among the videos, they also found an image which shows the minor domestic worker, who had been hired as a caretaker for the couple’s infant, locked up in a large birdcage, allegedly as a punishment.

A police officer, who is part of the investigation team, told the newspaper that the couple used to assault the domestic worker frequently before the incident surfaced.

Moreover, the officer said that the victim’s father and the couple signed an agreement for her services. According to the agreement, a sum of Rs 80,000 had been paid to the Zahra’s father against her services for eight months.

The officer added that Hasan Siddiqui used to breed birds for a living apart from dealing in property to earn his livelihood.

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