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Security Guard Who Died While Foiling KSE Attack Was Due To Retire In 2 Days

Security Guard Iftikhar Wahid – who was martyred while foiling the terrorist attack at Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday – was due to retire on July 1.

60-year-old Iftikhar Wahid was working as a security guard at the Pakistan Stock Exchange for the last 10 years. The house of Iftikhar is located in the railway colony behind the stock exchange building. According to media reports, the late security guard had five children. His eldest son, Ejaz Iftikhar, is differently-abled person.

People on Twitter are paying to tribute to Iftikhar for sacrificing his life in the line of duty, despite knowing the fact that he was the sole breadwinner of his family.

During the terrorist attack, the late security guard was positioned at a checkpoint of the KSE’s only entrance, where the terrorists faced resistance for the very first time by the martyred security guard. Later, several bullet marks were found on the barriers placed at the checkpoint, the position of Iftikhar Wahid.

According to the police officials, two terrorists were killed in an armed confrontation at the aforesaid location, while four terrorists were killed in the attack and two security guards and a policeman were martyred.

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