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Putting Oil, Ghee, And Cheese In Everything Not A Very Healthy Sign

Chef Saadat Siddiqui
  • 25

A super-active personality, a commendable aesthetic sense, and incredibly creative recipes characterize the chef, Saadat Siddiqi, who started his television career around 2005 with “Knorr Magic Chef” under the banner of Marina Khan and Kuchu’s Fat Cat Productions. Even in those years that marked the inception of his career, Saadat would toss and turn neatly chopped, colourful vegetables like an expert and would single-handedly carry the show without the help of a co-host to supervise live discussions.

What sets Saadat Siddiqi apart from other chefs is his creativity, something he confesses in the way that he tells how he is more into forming recipes than following them. Taking advantage of this quality of his, I asked him questions most relevant to the disturbing times we are living in:

These are hard times for everyone. Would you suggest a drink or eatable to people which can help them relax their nerves and also boost their immunity to stave off the virus that has smitten everyone?

Take 2 cups of water and add ¼ tablespoon of Kalonji, known as Nigella seeds in English. Add a ¼ inch piece of ginger as well, and also a tablespoon of honey if you feel like. Boil all of these together and simmer them for five minutes. This drink will help you boost your immunity.

Senior citizens are often found saying that we do not have healthy and pure eatables these days.  Do you agree? If yes, then how can the younger generation attain pure food for a healthy lifestyle?

Yes, I agree. Indeed, pure eatables are not available and even if they are, they are quite expensive. One needs to make an extra effort to attain healthy stuff, which I am sure the younger generation can do with the smart gadgets that may help them reach out to organic stores. As far as ghee or butter are concerned, two things which Pakistanis use a lot, they can be prepared at home as well. This can remove the fear which we hold regarding the good quality of basic ingredients. Also, try avoiding packed juices. Make fresh juices at home. I would also suggest people eat raw vegetables. We have developed this habit of putting fatty stuff in everything, such as oil, ghee, and cheese. This is not a very healthy sign.

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Does good food alone promise a healthy lifestyle or is exercise equally important?

A good lifestyle is a combination of both quality food and exercise. So, both are important. Talking about the times we are living in, we need to change our lifestyles, which should incorporate both physical activity and pure eatables.

Short Questions:

Your specialty?

I play with ingredients and mix different cultures while cooking.

Your favourite spicy dish?

Zafrani Biryani, or a well-cooked pulao.

Your favourite dessert?

Dark chocolate, Rabri and Opera Cake

Your favourite drink?

Black coffee

How are you spending your lockdown?

I am working from home; doing live Facebook sessions, writing concepts, and also learning digital marketing online.

Message for aspiring chefs?

Things take time. Don’t rush. Most importantly, you don’t have to be a chef to be on television. It’s luck that matters. So don’t get disappointed seeing others. Work hard and look for life which is meant to be yours.

Did You Know?

  • Chef Saadat spent a major portion of his life in the US from where he also attained a degree in Hotel Management.
  • Chef Saadat has been associated with top food brands such as Unilever Food Solutions, Knorr, Nestle Yogurt, Nurpur Milk, and Golden Sun.
  • Before beginning his career on television, chef Saadat also worked at McDonald’s and Pizza Hut in Australia, Petit Paris in the USA, and Sheraton Hotels and Tower, Karachi.

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