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Punjab Reports Drop In Coronavirus Cases And Deaths

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While the novel coronavirus continues to pose a threat amid partial lockdowns across the country which are not being fully enforced, Punjab has reported a drop in the cases and the resultant deaths from the virus.

According to official data over the past 10 days, the number of patients in the country’s hospitals stands at 861, declining from the earlier figure of 1,031.

There has been a drop of almost 1,000 cases in Punjab during the past 24 hours. Similarly, the deaths due to the virus have seen a decline of around 20 cases. Particularly, a decline of approximately 400 cases was witnessed in the provincial capital Lahore. However, there are just over 2,400 beds for the stable patients, whereas all beds at the high dependency units in several hospitals remain occupied.

This is the seventh consecutive day with an overall downward trend in the cases, according to a news report. As per the latest statistics, the confirmed cases in the country stand at 181,088, while the active cases at 106,040. So far, 3,590 have died while 71,458 people have recovered from the disease.

Meanwhile, reports suggest former Punjab health minister has tested positive for the Corona virus after he was admitted to a hospital with breathing problems.


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  1. sadaf Chughtai June 22, 2020

    Punjab Government is a pack full of lies. Me and my son were tested 11 days ago representatives of the district health department visited our house as my father tested positive and since 11 days we are awaiting results. the 1033 helpline is not working i have registered a complaint at 1166 that kept trying to forward my call to Punjab but the it got disconnected 5 times i have been given another number to call that no one picks up and easy way to drop cases is to stop testing!


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