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PTI Leader Who Said Coronavirus Is ‘Weak’ In Pakistan Gets Coronavirus

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The ruling party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Khurrum Sher Zaman has tested positive for coronavirus. Last week, the lawmaker had said that Pakistan has ‘weakest category C’ type of coronavirus which is incapable of affecting the masses.

Zaman, president of the PTI’s Karachi chapter, took to Twitter to inform people about his health condition. He said: “As I was unwell, I had been in quarantine for the past five days. Today, when I got tested [for the coronavirus], the result came out positive.”

Last week, during an interview, the PTI leader said that the fatal virus in the country is different than that of in Italy and United States. “Don’t get afraid of coronavirus, but fight against it. We cannot leave everything and stop working due to the virus. By the grace of Allah, we have category C of coronavirus here in Pakistan, it is the weakest form of the virus in anywhere in the world. It’s not as severe as we see it in Italy and New York.”

He further urged everyone to continue their daily routine works despite knowing that the confirmed coronavirus cases were rising exponentially across the country.

The health experts are of the view that there is no such ‘weak’ or ‘strongest’ category of coronavirus, although, it affects people depending upon their immune system.


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