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PM Imran Misinterprets Foreign Paper Saying ‘Smart Lockdowns’ Are Europe’s Future

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Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter Monday reiterating that his government was the first to devise the ‘smart lockdown’, not realising that the news piece he was referring to detailed how a complete lockdown (not partial or ‘smart’) helped the European countries overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

In his post, the premier commented on Bloomberg’s piece titled ‘Smart Lock-down Are the Future in Europe’, saying he was proud of his team for devising the idea first.

However, the same article he is referring to states, “This tailored approach to lockdowns is in no way a repudiation of the more draconian measures most European countries enforced earlier.”

It then adds, “In fact, the current strategy can only work because Europe has largely brought new infections under control. It does not look as feasible for countries such as the US and Brazil, where new infections are still on the rise in many areas.

On June 22, the premier reiterated that the lock-down would not resolve the issue, adding that he wouldn’t have enforced a lock-down had he been consulted by the provinces on the matter.

Earlier on June 11, PM Imran said a smart lock-down was the only solution to the rise in the pandemic, saying Pakistan is battling the virus as well as poverty.


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