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PM Imran Khan Was Served With 135 Dishes In Larkana

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on his recent visit to Larkana, Sindh, was served with 135 traditional Sindhi dishes. The PM is on a two-day visit to the province to review the coronavirus situation in the government hospitals and Ehsaas Centre in Larkana.

ARY Newa reported that during his recent visit to Larkana, PM Imran Khan was served with 135 traditional and special dishes of Sindh, including hiran roast, teetar roast, murghabi roast, fish roast, mutton roast, dabra fish fry, sajji, raan roast, mutton chargha, looki ka halwa, biryani and …”

The premiere reached Larkana on a 37 car long protocol on Wednesday.

The news of the lavish lunch generated outrage on social media with people commenting that it contradicts the PM’s austerity policy. Sindh has reported the highest number of deaths by suicide on June 3, due to unemployment and pandemic poverty.

13 people including three women ended their lives in Sukkur, Sindh, in one day over poverty, violence and unemployment.

Earlier, in Samaro, Fareedabad, mother of three children succumbed to an end by swallowing poison because she was unable to feed her children. Another boy in Tando Muhammad Khan named Babu Takur hung himself from a tree over the fear of unemployment.

A woman, Shrimiti, wife of Ram Kohli also ended her life because of hunger.



  1. Bashy Quraishy June 18, 2020

    Naya Daur’s headline for the story of June 18, 202; 0PM Imran Khan Was Served With 135 Dishes In Larkana looks and sounds silly.
    We all know that PM Imran Khan is a simple man and does not like extravagance in food or clothes.
    Besides, no person can eat more than few dishes so this claim is totally politicly motivated.
    Please do criticise PM Imran Khan but with a sensible manner.

  2. Khan June 18, 2020

    Another PPP inspired diatribe. What has the PPP with its stronghold in Sindh done for alleviating hunger? Naya Daur is a joke!

  3. Mushtaq Talpur June 23, 2020

    Minted money specially in education & health sector but let lose it reign be it LG, or any other sector all being done to strengthen & sustain Democracy as Elections are now purchased by the chieftain of new tribe of Zardari-Bhuttos


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