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PM Imran Alleges Opposition Wants More People To Die From Coronavirus

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Prime Minister Imran Khan, in his televised address to the nation on Thursday, said that it seemed the ‘opposition wants more people to die’ so it can get an opportunity to come down on the government.

He also said that the parties in opposition have been questioning the federal government in a tough time so that they can settle political scores.

The PM was criticised on social media for his apparent lack of compassion for the opposition parliamentarians who have tested positive for the coronavirus.

He also said that there was a great need to raise awareness of the threat posed by the pandemic, lamenting that people in Pakistan considered it a hoax. The PTI’s own lawmakers, especially in Sindh province, have repeatedly told press conferences that infection numbers are inflated and coronavirus is not a serious concern.

“People need to know that it will spread if they don’t follow SOPs and that will increase the burden on hospitals,” said the prime minister. “We will place the lives of people who can be saved, the elderly in danger [by not following SOPs],” he said.

However, in a new notification, the federal government has shut down all the quarantine centres across Punjab as of today.



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