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PM Brags About Pakistan Being Only Muslim Country That Kept Mosques Open Fot Taraveeh

  • 23

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the surge in coronavirus cases in the country is not linked to the reopening of mosques. Denying the impression that Tarveeh prayers and congregations led to the further spread of COVID-19, the PM said: “We were the only Muslim country in the world that refused to ban Tarveeh prayers and vowed to keep mosques open”, he said, adding that it was decided that worshipers will have to follow SOPs when they go to the mosques.

He said that the Corona Tiger Force played a significant role in ensuring implementation of these SOPs. “We did not see any cases emerge from the mosque and it is an achievement of the tiger force”, he said.

The PM also announced that the Corona Tiger Force will also assist the government in its efforts against climate change and the locusts threat, in addition to participating in the drive against coronavirus in the country.


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