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Peshawar Man Who Was Stripped Naked, Tortured By Policemen Attempts Suicide

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Amir Tehkaley, who was stripped naked and physically tortured in Peshawar’s police station, attempted suicide on Wednesday.

“A friend of Amir has told Mehmood Jan [TV reporter] that he has tried to commit suicide twice today and we stopped him and took his gun away. Government officials need to visit his family and arrange a psychiatrist for poor guy to get [him] out of this trauma,” Arshad Afridi, a political activist from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) said.

Three KP police officers were arrested on Wednesday for torturing and parading an accused man, Amir, naked in Peshawar’s police station. A video went viral on social media wherein it can be seen that the police officers were beating Amir and tearing apart his clothes to parade him naked in the police station.

It was reported that Amir was drunk and he abused a police officer ‘unintentionally’ as he was out of his senses. But the police officials, instead of treating the accused according to the law, tortured him brutally.


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