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    Pakistan Condemns India’s Attempts To ‘Twist’ PM Imran’s Statement On Terrorism

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    Pakistan foreign ministry on Monday condemned Indian foreign ministry’s act of ‘twisting’ Prime Minister Imran Khan’s remarks about terrorism.

    The Indian foreign ministry last week misquoted PM Khan as saying that Pakistan hosted thousands of terrorists on its soil. Pakistan foreign ministry categorically rejected these “mischievous” claims by the Indian government.

    “The Indian Ministry of External Affairs’ statement of June 5 is a continuation of their desperate campaign to divert international attention from India’s state terrorism in Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK) and its continuing crimes against the Kashmiri people,” the Foreign Office said in a statement.

    The foreign office stated that Pakistan had lost tens of thousands of citizens in its fight against terrorism. Pakistan has been the principal victim, not perpetrator, of terrorism and its fight against terrorism has been acknowledged by the international community, it said.

    On the contrary, “senior Indian officials and other Indian commentators have frequently boasted about destabilising parts of Pakistan and of their nefarious designs to use terrorism as state policy against Pakistan,” said the FO.

    The foreign office reiterated that its international partners widely acknowledged Pakistan’s role as a facilitator in the Afghan peace process. Pakistan has repeatedly warned the international community about the presence of spoilers of peace in the region who “waste no opportunity to create obstacles in the successful advancement of the peace process”, the statement said.

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