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Mosque Imam Raped Students For 15 Years In Lahore

The imam of Jamia Masjid in Model Town S block of Lahore has been accused of sexual abuse of children by a student at the mosque who says the cleric has been abusing the students for the last 15 years. A video clip is going viral on social media in which a boy shares that the Imam had sexually abused him and threatened to kill him if he mentioned the incident to anyone.

In the video, the boy said he was 12 years old when the imam of the mosque abused him. He said he had been a fifth-grade student at the age of 12 since the mosque imam had sexually harassed him and threatened him with serious consequences if he told anyone.

According to the boy, the imam of the mosque had sexually abused other children as well and that he should be taken out of the mosque. A case has been registered against the imam of the mosque in Model Town S block, on which the mosque leader has appealed to the court for bail.

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