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Man Tortures Wife To Death For Giving Birth To Girl In Sindh

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    A man, identified as Abdullah Soomro, has allegedly beaten her wife Yumna Soomro to death with a steel rod for giving birth to a girl in Sindh’s Dadu district. Social media activists are condemning the brutality using the hashtag #JusticeForYumnaSoomro.

    According to social media reports, Abdullah Soomro beaten her wife with a steel rod on Sunday for giving birth to a girl for the third time.

    People on Twitter are demanding the Sindh government to bring the perpetrator to book as soon as possible. A social media user said, “Injured & beaten to death with a steel rod by her husband Abdullah Soomro, because she [Yumna] gave birth to a daughter. Thousands of Yamuna are killed every day, some in the name of honor, some for refusing to marry, and some for not having a son.”

    Another Twitter user said: “Curse! Yumna Soomro was brutally killed at Dadu by her husband because she gave birth to a 3rd baby girl and he wanted a boy. If this ignorance continues than there shall be no love in this world.”

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