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Mahira Khan Reveals She Is In Love, Terms Beau Salim A Blessing

In an Instagram live session with Hassan Shehryar Yasin, Mahira Khan confesses her love for Salim Karim, a man whose rumours have been floating around the mediascape for a while.

HSY was having a casual conversation with Mahira and because of his sharp senses of communication and being an expert interviewer, the fashion giant suddenly slipped in Salim’s name into the talk.

Pakistan’s sweetheart Mahira Khan couldn’t help but blush for the two seconds that he interrogated her about ‘love’.

He asked her, “What comes to mind when you think about him?”

She took a moment and got awkward, fearing the involvement of media and invasion of privacy that takes place when a superstar reveals their love interest, but proceeded to say this beautiful dialogue.

“In the drama, Humsafar, Asher tells Khirad that I must’ve gotten you as a gift for a good deed that God liked very much, and this is how I feel about Salim,” she exclaimed.

She said that I must have done something incredibly good to have gotten this man as a gift in my life.

Mahira also quickly shifted back to talking about her son, Azlan, saying, “I feel super, super grateful for my child too, he’s the center of my world. My world revolves around him, and I feel the same way about Salim. Back in the day, I used to be like I’m such a heartbreaker but then I started thinking that Allah must not be happy with my prude behaviour. But I hope we can protect this.”

She and Hassan agreed that relationships are hard work and to make them prosper one has to put in a lot of empathy and love.


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  1. Mahira khan July 15, 2020

    Mahira khan is such a wonderfull actress and get world attention in a very short time.


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