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Justice Isa Argued His Own Case In SC Today And Accused Govt Of Contempt Of Court

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Justice Qazi Faez Isa, who is under investigation for allegations of possessing illegal properties abroad, today walked in the Supreme Court unannounced. Geo.tv reported that crossing the courtroom, he stopped right in front of the 10-member bench of the apex court that is hearing the case. Justice Umar Bandial was surprised seeing his colleague in the court. “Have a seat judge sahib”, he said to Justice Isa. But Justice Isa did not sit down. He told the senior judge that he wanted to argue his own case. He was granted the permission.

Justice Isa told the bench that his wife had agreed to answer the Supreme Court’s questions on Friday through a video link, about the ‘personal properties’ that have been questioned repeatedly.

Justice Faez said to Barrister Farogh Naseem, Pakistan’s on-again-off-again law minister, that his wife will however not feel comfortable sharing the same details about personal belongings with the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR).

“This is not just Qazi Faez Isa’s case,” Farogh Naseem said, “This case belongs to all of us sitting here today.”

The judge then said that stories against him were aired in the media, and even though an alleged corruption probe was initiated against him by the government, no one provided him with a copy of the reference.

Qazi Faez also asked the bench of lawyers that he should be sent back home if he did not qualify as a judge.

The judge also lamented that Attorney General Anwar Mansoor Khan has accused him of preparing his petition with the assistance of existing judges. He said that this counts as contempt of court and should be charged as such.

He also exclaimed that according to the former law minister, Justice Isa’s wife earned millions of British pounds through a sewing machine.

Justice Bandial however requested the Judge to not be too sentimental and reassured him that the court respects Justice Faez and his wife.

They also offered the option of her response through a letter but Justice Faez excused from the proposition saying that the wife’s father is currently being treated for cancer and that she won’t be in a stable condition to write a letter.


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