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Indian Man Fights For Visa To Marry Fiancée In Pakistan

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After waiting for months, a man in Jalandhar, India has pinned hopes on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to intervene in the visa process so that he could marry his fiancée who lives in Lahore.

The two distant relatives got engaged in 2018 after getting to know each other through a video link during a family event in 2015. Kamal Kalyan has not been able to deliver the letter of sponsorship to his fiancee and her family for the past three months due to the lock-down. Once the letter is delivered, a visa for the girl and her family would be issued as well.

According to the man, no courier would agree to carry the letter due to the pandemic. He added that he had gotten the letter made after serious efforts for more than six months.

Kalyan said the wedding was initially planned to take place in Pakistan but then he was told that it needed to take place in India to be registered. He appealed to the Indian premier to help him out to have the sponsorship letter delivered and the visa issued.

In December last year, a woman from Mansehra got a visa to live with her Indian husband after efforts of more than two years. She was only able to get the document after the direct intervention of then external affairs minister of the country, late Sushma Swaraj.


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