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Foreigner Student Residing In Karachi University Hostel Alleges Sexual Harassment

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A foreigner student residing in Karachi University hostel has alleged that a man attempted to sexually assault her inside the campus, it emerged on Saturday.

The girl told Samaa she was inside her ward when an unidentified man approached her and attempted to close the door of the room. She added that the harasser fled from the scene when she screamed and called her friend for help.

She further said that she approached the police and managed to get a case registered against the man. She also said that when she was reprimanded by the Vice Chancellor Khalid Iraqi over the registration of the case.

The girl went on to add that she was accused of bringing the man inside the campus by herself, where she didn’t know him at all.

The report said the VC denied reprimanding the student, saying she was like a daughter to him. He added that he would support the investigation and the taking of the matter to a logical conclusion.

According to the report, Close-Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras were not functional at the time of the incident. An investigation officer, who visited the campus, was told by those in the vicinity of the hostel that they had not seen anyone entering its premises. According to the security guard, he had shut the door of the hostel as usual on the morning of the incident.

Another report stated that the girl is not the student at the varsity, but was rather a guest to another girl staying at the hostel. On the other hand, the warden of the hostel claimed the girl had got her into an argument with her the same day when she asked her to leave the hospital.

The report concluded that due to the pandemic, there are currently only six female students residing at the hostel.


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