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Foodpanda Rider Who Was Almost Robbed Reveals Company’s Exploitative Policies

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The Foodpanda rider – whose video of encounter with robbers went viral on social media – has said that the delivery company didn’t provide him any help after the incident. He revealed the ‘exploitative’ policies of the company under which the riders have to work for 12 hours in a day to get weekly bonus.

The rider during an interview said that Foodpanda had issued a ‘fake’ statement that they supported him after the indent. “My dues of around 5000 are still pending on Foodpanda. I just want them to release my dues as soon as possible.”

He said that the rider has to pay from his own pocket if in case the payment of food is snatched or lost somewhere. “We get weekly bonus after working 12 hours a day. We also get suspended if we are unable to give back the delivery amount of Rs4,000 to Foodpanda in a given time period,” he added.

On Tuesday, two robbers who had robbed the same delivery boy in Karachi returned his belongings after he broke down into tears over the loss of his valuables. A CCTV footage show the robbers shaking hands with the rider after returning the stolen money. They also hugged and consoled him before fleeing the scene.


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