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FIA Arrests 2 Pakistani Americans Who Robbed New York Bank In 2016

The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing has arrested two Pakistani-Americans who were on the run from American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for carrying out an armed bank robbery in a New York’s bank in 2016.

According to a news report published in Arab Times, two men – Waqar Ghumman and Mohsin Zamir – were arrested in Lahore on Saturday. The criminals were on the FBI’s most wanted criminals list with a combined $30,000 reward for reports leading to their capture. Their runaway driver was arrested soon after the robbery in New York and sentenced to seven years in prison but the remaining two eluded capture and escaped to Pakistan.

The US news outlets reported that both men are US citizens who were born in Pakistan. “We arrested two FBI most wanted men in Lahore on Saturday,” Abdur Rab Chaudhary, Director Operations for the FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing, told the news outlet.

“Waqar Ghumman was arrested while committing a crime at an ATM machine, while the other, Mohsin Zamir, was identified during investigations and arrested later,” he said adding that since the arrested criminals are on the most wanted criminals list of the FBI, the FIA would take due course of law for their extradition to America.

“After committing the crime they left America and crossed into Mexico and then reached Brazil. There they hired the services of a human trafficking agent and reached Pakistan secretly. Both of them belong to Punjab’s Sargodha city,” Chaudhary told the news outlet.

Earlier, the FBI had also tweeted the details of the two men on its official twitter account and issued a public poster with background details about the two robbers and long-time friends. In 2017, the American investigation agency had suspected that the two had escaped to Pakistan.


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