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Did You Know? Pakistani Playwright Haseena Moin Has A Novel To Her Credit As Well

Haseena Moin definitely does not need an introduction. With her blockbuster serials such as “Uncle Urfi”, “Shehzori”, “Tanhaiyaan”, “Dhoop Kinare”, “Ankahi”, “Kasak” and “Aahat” for the Pakistani drama industry and “Tanha” and “Kashmakash” for the Indian drama industry, Moin has earned respect and admiration throughout the subcontinent. However, while everyone knows her for having written countless dramatic works, the majority has remained oblivious of the fact that at a certain point in time, Haseena Moin penned a novel as well.

The information was also revealed by Haseena Moin’s official page on Facebook, which a few days ago, posted a picture of the novel’s title and told that it was in the 90s that Moin came up with it. Known as “Pul-siraat Ka Safar”, the novel became a best-seller of the decade but is unfortunately out of publication now. It was also told that “Pul-siraat Ka Safar” incorporates Haseena Moin’s characteristic style of story-telling, which if we were to guess, would probably be a tragi-comic narrative with an empowered female protagonist.

The writer’s page has now started a series of videos in which a person from the administration will be reading out excerpts from the novel in a sequence. While this is going to be a nostalgic treat for Haseena Moin’s fans from the previous generation, it can be said with surety that her young admirers will be more eager to have the novel’s hard copy in their hands, which sadly isn’t possible anytime soon.


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