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CM Murad Blames ‘Confused’ PTI Govt For Spike In COVID-19 Cases

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah on Thursday blamed the federal government for the spike in the number of Covid-19 cases.

Speaking to reporters outside the National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) Rawalpindi office, Murad said the coronavirus pandemic was getting out of control in the country due to the ambiguous stance of the federal government.

“SOPs are not being followed at a lot of places and I will not blame the public for it. This is because of the mixed signals being sent to people. One person says it [Covid-19] is a dangerous disease while another says it is just a common flu,” he said in allusion to the statements made by the government ministers.

He said the prime minister insisted on ease in restrictions to save the poor people from starvation. Referring to the consequent Covid-19 deaths, he said who will take care of their [poor people’s] families if they died of the disease.
“There should be a unified message [from the government] that this is a life-threatening disease,” he said.

Speaking about NAB, Murad said he appeared before the accountability watchdog to record his stance in the Roshan Sindh programme corruption probe. The Sindh Roshan programme relates to the installation of solar-powered street lights on alleged illegal contracts in various districts of Sindh.

He told reporters that he was asked about the approval of the project even though it was not a part of the budget. To which, he told NAB that the Roshan Sindh programme was approved by the Sindh Assembly later in line with the constitution.
Murad said the bureau has yet to provide him with a questionnaire and whenever he receives it, he would respond to it.
NAB officials had earlier shared that they had recovered Rs298 million in the Sindh Roshan programme case. The bureau had claimed that suspects Abdul Sattar Qureshi, Abdul Rashid Chana, Aslam Pervaiz Memon, and Baldev agreed to take a plea bargain in the same case.


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