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Balochistan Police Manhandle, Arrest Students For Protesting Against Online Classes

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Around 70 male and female students in Quetta protesting against the lack of internet accessibility for online classes have been arrested by the police.

The police heckled the students and used force against peaceful protestors. Videos showed female students being shoved into police vans and taken to the police stations.

They were chanting the slogans for justice and free internet for all. Students present at the protest have reported that they will be charged for violating Section 144 at City and Cantt. Stations.

Female students have claimed that they are not against online classes, they just insist on the facilities being made available for the online classes. Many students who come from remote areas do not have smartphones or laptops to be able to access the online-based system of education, hence they fear being left behind.

Reportedly, more than a dozen students have been arrested in Quetta.


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