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Aurat March On Uzma Khan Case

Since everyone was dying to hear from the Aurat March organisers over Malik Riaz family’s assault on actress Uzma Khan, here is Nayab Jan responding to the issue, and to the undue criticism


  1. Latkabanta June 6, 2020

    It becoming painfully apparent that aurat March does not stand for rule of law. This isn’t a moral issue VS a legal issue. It’s all a legal issue. Uzma Khan engaged in premarital sex with Usman, Usman and Uzma were drinking and doing drugs. Possession and consumption of illegal substances like alcohol and drugs is illegal. Fornication is illegal. Adultery is illegal.

  2. Latkabanta June 6, 2020

    Pakistanis vehemently condemn this stance of aurat march where the laws is being applied selectively. Amna entered her Own property, unless Pakistani feminists believe wives have no shared ownership or rights over a husband’s property. Amna entered her own property and beat the shit out of Uzma who was there engaged in illegal activities.

  3. Ahmed June 7, 2020


    How do we know there was any fornication? It’s just an allegation by Amna. Nothing has been proven. The only wrong we know of is breaking and entering by Amna and the guards.

    Aurat March people only spoke up when people started blaming them for not speaking. Why didn’t they speak up about it before? At the time of the march they speak up about all issues with their typical “wiser than thou attitude”

    If there was an intimate relationship between Uzma and Usman then doesn’t it come under “Mera jism Meri Marzi”?


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