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A User Copied Trump’s Tweets As Experiment. Twitter Blocked Him Over ‘Offensive Content’

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A Twitter user took to copying verbatim all of the controversial tweets made by President Donald Trump as a kind of experiment to see if his tweets will be flagged as offensive as per the Twitter rules. As it turns out, the account lasted less than three days before Twitter suspended the account for 12 hours and demanded the “offending” tweets to be deleted. This has raised suspicions on Twitter’s content regulation policies and people are terming it an act of discrimination.

Donald Trump betrays no compunction in spewing what can easily be called hate, incitement to violence and lies from his official Twitter account. However, he has mostly enjoyed impunity with regard to the contents of his tweets, regardless of the dangerous effect they may have on literally a global level.

This latest experiment has exposed the unchecked problematic elements in POTUS’s tweets, as within 68 hours of being set up, the new Twitter account copying Trump’s tweets verbatim got suspended and received a warning to “remove tweets that violate our rules”.

The user running the experimental account tweeted, “Well it finally happened. Took longer than expected. 12 hour suspension and had to delete the offending tweet. Here’s the screenshots. Will post to the account when suspension is lifted.”

The account is now back online, boasting an “Account suspended x 1” in its profile picture, and continuing the experiment to see when it would be suspended next.


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Naya Daur