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9 Killed In Kurram As Land Dispute Between Tribes Leads To Sectarian Clash

Nine people were reportedly killed in a clash between two tribes in Kurram district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa over a land dispute which ultimately turned into a sectarian conflict. According to reports, the government remains missing in action as two Shia and Sunni tribes in Kurram district engage in violent dispute with loss of lives on both sides.

Local news outlet Fata Voice reported that a land dispute between two tribes Balishkhel and Para Chamkani of lower Kurram district turned into a sectarian clash where both of them used heavy and automatic arms that resulted in the death of nine people.

According to the locals, the conflict started when one of the tribes, Para Chamkani, started construction on the disputed land. The news outlet reported that the elders of Balishkhel tribe have alleged that the rival group did not stop illegal construction on the disputed site despite the court orders.

Journalist Rifatullah Orakzai tweeted in this regard and said, “About nine persons were reportedly dead and several injured after a land dispute triggered sectarian clashes in Lower Kurram district. The Balishkhel and Para Chamkani (Shia-Sunni) tribes are now using heavy weapons to target each other. Govt intervention needed immediately.”

Social media users have uploaded videos of deadly fire exchanges between two Sunni and Shia groups of Lower Kurram district.


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