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6 Scathing Remarks From Justice Isa That Show He Will Put Up A Fight

Ever since the presidential reference was filed against Supreme Court’s Justice Qazi Faez Isa, the judge has shown that he won’t go down without a fight. Over the said period, he has constantly pointed out the lacunae in the case and the general state of the rule of law in the country.
We go through the case proceedings and remarks made by Justice Isa, some of which are quite scathing.

1) When he termed the law minister a ‘tout’.
On June 1, 2020, Justice Isa described former law minister Farogh Naseem as a ‘tout’ while requesting the apex court not to allow Naseem to represent the federal government or any private respondent in the case.

2) “It is not just about a judge, it sends signal to all.”
Justice Isa, in a response submitted to the SC on Aug 8,2019, said that the presidential reference against him was based on mala fide intention to ‘achieve a collateral purpose’.
“This petition is not just about a judge but sends a signal to all, that they too will be subjected to the same treatment if they persist in acting independently and decide cases according to the Constitution and the law by disregarding vested interest.”
2. “Govt wants subservient judiciary.”
On Oct 14, the judge said that the government was attempting to destroy the independence of the judiciary through the reference letter against him.

4. “PM’s offshore properties should also be investigated.”
In a response submitted on Feb 22, 2020, The judge has accused Prime Minister Imran Khan and other politicians of holding offshore properties.

5. “Democracy is the glue holding nation together.”
Speaking at a conference in Karachi on Sept 22, 2019, the judge alluded to the growing suppression of fundamental rights in the country. He said: “History reflected that whenever the institutions overstepped their domain not only were the basic rights of the people violated, but the country also weakened and could disintegrate it.”

6. Judiciary has authority to stop lawlessness’
In the same conference, Justice Isa said: “Judiciary that has the authority to stop an individual or institution if they transgress the fundamental rights on their whims.”


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