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2 Senior Journalists Go Missing In Balochistan

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Two senior journalists of Balochistan, including the former chairman of Chaman Press Club, went missing from Chaman city on Saturday evening.

The Balochistan-based journalists and human rights activists have expressed concerns over the ‘mysterious disappearance’ of Saeed Ali Achakzai, a senior reporter of Samaa News and former chairman of Chaman Press Club, and Abdul Mateen Achakzai, a reporter of Khyber News. They called on the provincial authorities to take notice of the incident and recover the journalists immediately.

Meanwhile, the local journalists have claimed that they were arrested by ‘security forces’ under Maintenance of Public Order (MPO).

Journalist Hameedullah Sherani said, “Abdul Mateen Achakzai of Khyber News and Saeed Ali Achakzai of Samaa News were arrested by security forces last evening in district Chaman. Both have been shifted to Machh Jail under 3MPO [Section 3 of Maintenance Public Order].”

Another senior journalist Malik Achakzai said that currently the status of ‘freedom of media’ in Pakistan is ‘worst’. “Two journalists Saeed Ali Achakzai and Mateen Achakzai from Chaman taken to Mach prison without any crime is a clear attack on press freedom to silent us all. It all happens under the nose of CM [Jam kamal].”


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