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13 Suicides Reported In Sukkur In 24 Hours

13 people including three women ended their lives in Sukkur, Sindh, in the past 24 hours over poverty, domestic violence and unemployment. 

A woman named Mahnaz Shaikh, suffering from abject poverty reportedly jumped into Abul canal in Piryaloi, Khairpur, along with her son, Shaukat, on Tuesday. The bystanders were able to save the son only.

Another suicide case of two brothers was reported from Chambher in Karam Rind village, where locals found their bodies hung from the ceiling. Chunder and Jaman were reportedly sick of poverty and had confessed to villagers nearby, said the police.

In Nausheroferoz, a young boy, Ali Chanio was found hanging by a rope extended from a tree branch, after a heated argument with his father. 

Hajan Soomro reportedly consumed a toxic liquid that ended her life. Rashy Kumar, a tailor based near Mithi Bypass committed suicide by consuming poison.Another hanged body was retrieved from a village in Jarhyar.  

In Samaro, Fareedabad, mother of three children also succumbed to an end by swallowing poison. Another boy in Tando Muhammad Khan named Babu Takur hung himself from a tree over the fear of unemployment. 

The 18-year-old Noman Mughal in Sanjro hung himself from the ceiling fan over a domestic dispute. Shrimiti, the wife of Ram Kohli also ended her life because of hunger. 

Afsha Buriro in Moro, a 20-year-old, shot herself with a pistol on the issue of forced marriage. Her body was shifted to a nearby hospital. 

In Saddar, Jacobabad, a man called Nawaz Ali killed himself with a shotgun for not having enough money for the treatment of his physical illness.


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