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YouTube Pledges Grant Worth $5 Million For Pakistan To Support COVID Awareness

In a letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, YouTube has announced that it will donate $5 million worth of advertising grants to Pakistan for the awareness program about coronavirus in the country. 

Dawn.com reported that YouTube Chief Executive Officer Susan Wojcicki wrote to PM Khan, outlining the work Google and Youtube have been doing to support Pakistani businesses and the general public in the time of a lockdown and coronavirus crisis.  

The letter also stated that the tech companies are helping local authorities in the country spread information about the coronavirus through information panels and alerts. Google has also launched a microsite which will appear when anyone searches for coronavirus. The website draws its content from the government’s Covid-19 portal, it added.

The tech platforms are also fighting the spread of misinformation and online abuse by showing authoritative sources in top results. “We will continue to quickly remove videos … that discourage people from seeking medical treatment or claim harmful substances have health benefits,” the letter read.

The letter also said that to help people find work and learn new skills through out the lockdown time, Google has created Grow with Google Pakistan — containing resources for all kinds of remote workers and Teach from Home — containing resources for educators. It has also created other learning resources for children and professionals.

Google is also publishing community mobility reports, using data collected through Google Maps. “We hope that the reports [on movement] can help public health officials in Pakistan, and governments elsewhere respond to the coronavirus,” it said.

They have also offered cooperation with the Pakistani government in creating a “credible and globally consistent digital policy and regulatory framework”.

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