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Young Doctor Beaten Up By Attendants Of Suspected Corona Patient In Karachi

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A pulmonologist in Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) Karachi was attacked and beaten up by the attendants of a suspected coronavirus patient, who had collapsed in the emergency ward, according to the Young Doctors Association of Sindh.

Acts of violence against medical workers have been rampant across the country and they have protested for lack of personal protective equipment and a timely payment of salaries during the pandemic crisis also. Sindh nurses have also had to protest for their frequent transfers to different hospitals.

Earlier on May 14, around 12 people entered the coronavirus isolation ward in JPMC forcefully and vandalised the premises of the hospital. The violence occurred after the hospital’s administration refused to hand over a patient’s body to the family.

The mob managed to take the patient’s body outside the ward but it was brought back inside after Rangers personnel arrived at the scene.

Videos taken of the ward, where 37 Covid-19 patients were being treated, after the attack showed pieces of glass, furniture and fans strewn on the floor. The glass windows of a counter were also shattered.

JPMC Executive Director Dr Seemin Jamali has requested the government to revise and reconsider the policy where the family of the deceased is not allowed to offer their last goodbyes, as Dawn reported.


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