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Woman Claiming To Be Colonel’s Wife Misbehaves With CPEC Force Officers On Hazara Expressway

A video has been doing the rounds on social media in which a woman who was claiming to be a colonel’s wife can be seen misbehaving with officers of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Force on Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Hazara Expressway. Social media users are strongly condemning the harsh and uncivil behaviour of the woman using the hashtag #کرنل_کی_بیوی (wife of colonel).

Journalist Zeeshan Haider associated with BBC News Urdu said that the officers seen in the video belonged to CPEC Force not Motorway police.

It can be seen in the video that the woman was stopped at the Hazara Expressway like all other travelers but she refused to cooperate with the officers and instead started yelling at them. She even abused the officers for not letting her go.

Journalist Farhat Javed commented on the incidient and claimed, “Amid all this videos’ chaos, the two police officials involved in Col’s wife incident are both retd from Army who have been re-employed in motorway police. These policemen knew rules are rules.”

BBC News Urdu quoted the military sources as saying, “The colonel [woman’s husband] himself was transferred in 2018 by Pakistan army for misbehaving with a traffic warden.”

People on social media are criticising the woman for insulting the CPEC Force officers and disrupting the law and order situation.


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  1. Khadija Khan May 21, 2020

    Salute to this Police Man. He is performing his duty. He is not giving a fuck about her Army’s Background and High Class status. This superiority complex needs to be stopped. Everyone must be equal in the eyes of law.
    دو نہیں ایک پاکستان


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