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When Halime Sultan Of ‘Ertugrul’ Told Off Priyanka Chopra Over Warmongering

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Ertugrul star actress, Esra Bilgiç alias Halime Sultan, who has recently been under constant scrutiny for her social media posts by Pakistani Muslims, had called out Priyanka Chopra in 2019, for warmongering. 

In August 2019, the former Miss World uploaded a picture of herself with Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas on Instagram. She captioned the picture with #WivesOnTour.

On an unrelated note, Esra in the comments wrote, “Being patriotic doesn’t mean you should encourage war. You shouldn’t belong in a conversation concerning war as a US Goodwill Ambassador. You affect many children, many as a role model.”

However this comment has been deleted now, Esra in support of Ayesha Malik, the Pakistani woman who confronted her about allegedly encouraging war between India and Pakistan, said, “You were so disrespectful towards a woman who just asked you a question about your statement that you shared with millions of people in your own Twitter account.”

Pakistanis all around the world have been raving about Esra’s solidarity towards the misrepresentation of the Muslim image in the West. Priyanka Chopra, however, never replied to the comments made by Esra.


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