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Uzma Khan Torture Case: Arrest Warrants Issued For Malik Riaz’s Daughters And Amna Malik

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Arrest warrants have been issued against three women including the two daughters of business tycoon Malik Riaz, Amber Malik and Pashmina Malik. Amna Malik, the wife of Usman Malik has also been named in the warrant. The women were accused of barging into the house of actor Uzma Khan with more than 10 gunmen.

Uzma and her sister were violently attacked and left with injuries.

The DHA house is shown upside down with the ruckus that the attackers had made, in the video clip that got viral on social media and outraged a lot of people, asking for justice for Uzma Khan.

It is reported that the first information report (FIR) of the incident was registered on Wednesday by Uzma’s persistence over the complaint. She had nominated the three daughters of real estate tycoon, Malik Riaz, namely Pashmina Malik and Ambar Malik, Amina Usman Malik, and 15 gunmen who are claimed to be their private guards.

An application seeking out the arrest warrants for the attackers was filed in the Defence C police station.

The state lawyer then informed the court that the three women related to Malik Riaz had gone missing and will not be showing up for the hearing or investigation, even after being summoned by the police multiple times.

The court was requested to issue their arrest warrants so that they can resolve the case sooner, based on who did what.

The investigation officer tried to get the suspects named in the complaint arrested but he couldn’t reach them out, as they seem to have been in hiding and partly why the warrant was issued too.

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Judicial Magistrate Ghulam Shabbir Sial in his order noted that the investigating officer had sought the warrants on the grounds that the suspects “have intentionally concealed themselves and are avoiding” their arrest.


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