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The Problems Of India Are Too Big For Modi To Handle Or Solve

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The critical problems facing India today are too big for PM Narendra Modi and his party to handle alone. The economy is sinking rapidly and the pandemic has greatly aggravated the situation, writes Justice Markandey Katju.

India is facing a crisis of epic proportions, and it is obvious to everyone (except his diehard supporters) that Prime Minister Modi has no inkling what to do about it, except utter homilies and platitudes. The Indian economy has tanked, with steep manufacturing decline and record unemployment (as even admitted by the National Sample Survey, a Govt of India body). The corona pandemic and consequent lockdown has further pushed the economy downwards.

In my opinion, the PM should now seriously consider forming a national government, including leaders of the present opposition parties and also some scientists, technical and administrative experts. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill had done this in May 1940 when faced with the looming danger of invasion by Nazi Germany. This national government functioned from May 1940 to May 1945 when the World War-II ended. During this period there were no Opposition parties in the British Parliament, since the Opposition had joined the Government. Churchill, who was of the majority Conservative Party was the Prime Minister, but Clement Atlee, the leader of the Opposition Labour Party, became the Deputy Prime Minister. There were others from the Labour Party too, who joined the government.

With due respect to Prime Minister Modi, I wish to say that the critical problems facing the country today are too big for him and his party to handle alone. The economy is sinking rapidly and the pandemic has greatly aggravated the situation. We are no doubt not facing the danger of foreign invasion, as England was facing in May 1940, but we are facing a danger which though different is of equal magnitude. Food riots may break out anytime in India, since 80-90 of our workforce ( 40-45 crore people ) who consist of daily wagers, migrant workers, etc have lost their livelihood. Consequently law and order may collapse, leading to anarchy. So what is needed today is the combined effort of the whole nation.

In this grave situation my appeal to the Prime Minister is to set aside political and ideological differences and rise to the occasion by forming a National Government of the kind Churchill had done, which will pull us out of this crisis.

Modiji, You will be hailed as a great statesman, like Churchill, if you do so

Modiji, form a National Govt immediately as Churchill had done in May 1940

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  1. Rajendra Purohit May 11, 2020

    Sir you are fearing an invasion which really sound serious. If it at all happens we will be no where. There will be hunger hunger and hunger only. Pray to almighty that nothing of that short happens in near decade.


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