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Sindh Govt Allows Families To Receive COVID-19 Victims’ Dead Bodies

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KARACHI: Sindh government has Wednesday permitted the handover of the Coronavirus victims’ dead bodies to their families for the observance of their final rights.

The provincial government issued a document on Monday saying that transmission of the virus from the dead body is not possible after shrouding.

It directs the funeral bath and shrouding to be performed only at the designated locations and by the organisations that have the permission to perform the rites by the provincial government. However, the relevant departments must be informed before the transportation of the body.

The document says that infection control precautions must remain in place and the people performing the funeral baths must also make sure that they’re wearing the protective gear.

After shrouding, the families can claim the body and perform the burial rites. The face mask cover may also be removed but only by those wearing proper masks and gloves on their hands.


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