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Saba Qamar Hilariously Talks About Her Love Life, Takes Apart Awkward Interviewers

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Pakistani actress and super star, Saba Qamar, who has often proved herself to be outstanding in dramas, films and also debuted across the border with Irrfan Khan, has now come up with her own YouTube show, called, The Chay Show.

In just the second episode that was released yesterday, Saba has taken the comedy route to call out interviewers who ask women inappropriate questions about anything but their craft. The man taking the interview seems like a dig at Sohail Warraich, who has interviewed many politicians and actors on his show, Aik Din Geo Ke Sath.

Women get asked about their age, their marital status, personal and uncomfortable queries that derive them to an embarrassment. The mental gymnastics women have to do, all around the world to not ‘upset’ the press are never-ending, and in this show, Saba documents the background process that goes into thinking the answers of the very useless questions asked.

To one of the most asked questions about how many men has she dated, Saba goes into a long monologue of unpacking the whole of Pakistani society, “Since we are little girls, we are told that the first man that comes into our lives is supposed to be the last, so we compromise and let him cheat, take us for granted, and forgive till he goes off and marries someone his mother chose for him.., so, like many women, I also wasted 8 years of my life with that man.”

The YouTube caption to the episode says, ‘welcome to the real side of Saba Qamar’ and this show scripted by her actually does show how women use humour to cope with our seemingly bizarre lives. Very relatable and definitely cannot wait for the next episode!

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The show also reminded us of one of the earliest gigs that Saba got famous for, Hum Sab Umeed Se Hain, where her delivery of punchlines at the end of every joke, made the show a super hit.


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