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Rawalpindi Police Set Up Special Reporting Desk For Transgender Citizens

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In an unprecedented step, police in Rawalpindi have set up a special reporting desk meant to facilitate members of the transgender community. A transgender woman will take up the role of bridging the gap between members of the community and law enforcement officials.

According to a report by Dawn, the “Tahaffuz” reporting desk will be run by Reem Shareef. This will be the first such facility of its kind to be provided by law enforcement in Punjab. The desk will have a counseling room to support its work with members of the transgender community.

Shareef herself had been an engineering student, but due to discrimination against her on grounds of gender, she had been unable to follow her educational path in that field. She then went for a masters degree in International Relations.

This move comes alongside the establishment of 12 women police units at various police stations. Rawaplindi had been the first to receive a women police station, in 1994, as part of an effort by Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto to improve women’s access to assistance from law enforcement.


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