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Punjab Minister Orders To Ban Textbook Containing Names Of Christmas, New Year

A Mathematics book for children was recently banned by the Punjab Textbook Board for images of pigs as pictorial representation of problem solving exercises.

It has now been revealed that the orders were made by Provincial Minister for Punjab School Education Murad Raas. He ordered M.D Punjab textbook board to ban the mathematics book series from Sunrise Publications. He says it has offensive and irreligious content mentioned in it.

He further goes on to refer to a picture of a pig and its name being mentioned in the books. He says it is an unimportant detail. Besides the pig, he is offended about certain events that are mentioned in the books such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, New Year, and April’s Fool. He claims that these are just part of the western culture and ‘fuzool’ (pointless).

The minister, however, clarified that the part about Christmas was added ‘accidentally’.

Christian community of Pakistan has condemned the minister’s order and his statement declaring their religious festival ‘pointless’.

He also ordered that the Sunrise Publications should refund their books that have already been sold to schools and brought back, within seven days. He maintains that the content is not culturally and religiously sensitive.

In failing to do so, the publication house can be sent to jail for two years and also be banned from publishing any books for the next five years.



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