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Peshawar Hospital’s Head Of ICU Resigns Over Inadequacy Of Staff Dealing With COVID Patients

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Head of Intensive Care Unit at Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar Dr Ayesha Mufti has resigned due to the negligence of hospital management with respect to the arrangements made for the treatment of coronavirus patients.

Lady Reading hospital in Peshawar is the biggest one in all of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Dr Ayesha was the only doctor in all of KP who has specialised in ICU. 

Independent Urdu reported that in her resignation letter she said that the hospital management was not ready to deal with the upcoming surge of cases. “The nursing staff at the ICU was inadequate and the quality of patient care was very poor,” she wrote.

Dr Ayesha also said that the hygiene situation was extremely compromised for the patients and for the nurses. Four patients could just not recover because of the laid back state of the management. 

She also said that the administration had been asked to first treat some patients in the high-dependence unit of coronavirus, but this had not happened. She further wrote that the entire ICU is run by only six consultants while the patient burden was very high. 

On this whole situation, the spokesman of the hospital Muhammad Asim told Independent Urdu that the reasons given by the doctor of the hospital are misleading and she has misrepresented. He said that the hospital management had held several meetings with the doctor to deal with the epidemic and gave importance to her concerns.

He also said that the management has a duty to be dissatisfied with the treatment of patients and even after receiving constant complaints, ask the staff about the reasons and take steps in this regard.


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