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‘Pakistani Spy’ Pigeon Had A Ring With A Phone Number, Claim Indian Authorities

Border Security Forces in India on Monday claimed to have found a spy pigeon that they say was reporting to Pakistan in attempts of planning espionage. They have handed the pigeon over to Indian occupied Kashmir for further investigation.

In a report in NDTV, it was observed that the pigeon had a ‘prominent pink patch and a tag on its leg’ and a ring on one of its claws. Geeta Devi, the woman who caught the pigeon, also said that the ring had a phone number written on it. So the pigeon was handed to the elders of the village.

The report shows that the pigeon flew into a woman’s house in Chadwal area, Kathua and then she handed it over to the police for investigations.

“We can’t say it was used for spying. Locals, seeing a tag tied with its leg, caught the pigeon. Some called it a coded message. In Pakistan’s Punjab, people tie number tag with pigeons to claim ownership,” Senior Superintendent of Police of Kathua Shailendra Mishra told NDTV.

Earlier in 2015, a pigeon was captured by the Indian forces to ensure no trespassing and then examined it for drugs and other messages.

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