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Pakistani Scientist Part Of COVID-19 Vaccine Team Shortlisted By WHO

Pakistani virologist, Dr Muhammad Munir, at the University of Lancaster has been a part of the research team working on the vaccine for coronavirus, since the pandemic broke out. The team’s vaccine has been shortlisted by the World Health Organisation.

Besides being a part of the team, he has also been on air, giving expert advice through international channels, and extending necessary measures needed to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The vaccine attempts are all drafts of potential cure but none of them have been definitively proved to be the best, says the WHO website. They will still need more clinical trials.

According to WHO website, “These landscape documents have been prepared by the World Health Organization (WHO) for information purposes only concerning the 2019-2020 global of the novel coronavirus. Inclusion of any particular product or entity in any of these landscape documents does not constitute, and shall not be deemed or construed as, any approval or endorsement by WHO of such product or entity (or any of its businesses or activities).”


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