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Missing Cockpit Voice Recorder Of Crashed PIA Plane Recovered

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The missing cockpit voice recorder of the Pakistan International Airline (PIA) plane that crashed in Karachi last week has been recovered, a spokesperson for the national flag carrier confirmed in a tweet.

It was found from the debris that was left behind after the crash in the residential area where the incident took place. It is being said that now the probing process can be expedited. 

The PIA spokesperson said that the important component of the black-box, the voice recorder has been now handed over to the Airbus investigation team. 

The Airbus team has also released a statement confirming that the Pakistani authorities have requested them to decode the last message in the voice recorder.

The process of the removal of wreckage has been overlooked by the Pakistan Air Force, Civil Aviation Authority and PIA, however, they were granted permission by the Airbus investigation team first. The experts have collected crucial evidence from the crash site as well.



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