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Minister Fawad Chaudhry Says Won’t Attend NA Session, Wants Online Meetings

Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry has said that he will not attend the ongoing session of the National Assembly considering that some members of the assembly and staffers have tested positive for coronavirus. He also mentioned in a tweet that he suggested having online meetings through video link, but due to the disapproval of the opposition in the parliamentary committee, that insisted on doing them in person, he agreed.

He also said that in-person meetings will be endangering the country’s political leadership and they will be at a risk of contracting the virus from each other.

The National Assembly of Pakistan, the lower house of the parliament, met today at 3 PM to discuss the coronavirus situation in the country after parliamentary leaders belonging to various political factions reached a consensus on necessary safety measures and rules of procedure.

Covid-19 is the only discussion topic on the agenda to allow legislators to share their suggestions and recommendations regarding the pandemic and to build national consensus on the issue.

Earlier, Speaker Asad Qaiser formed a committee to look into the possibility of holding an online session amid the growing number of COVID-19 infections in Pakistan.

However, most of the opposition parties had rejected the idea of a virtual meeting, questioning why could the legislature not convene a session when the other two organs of state – the executive and judiciary were continuing their duties amid the pandemic.

Last week, Qaiser and his two children tested positive for coronavirus raising fears of probably having infected other high officials whom he met with earlier in May.


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